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2019 Review: A Year of Innovation & Recognition

2019 was a busy and exciting year for our team; one that was focused heavily on tech innovation. We enhanced our next-gen solutions through added functionality to conduct checklists and self-audits as well as added capabilities like one-to-many livestreaming.

The University of Arkansas completed an in-depth study using our product which resulted in published results confirming that training foodservice workers with smartglasses leads to greater efficiency; decreasing training time by 50% when using our training application.

In May our team was ecstatic at the unveiling of Google’s optimized Glass EE2, which boasted new hardware features for our customers like enhanced camera quality and longer battery life.

We are always thrilled to receive recognition for the contributions EyeSucceed makes in addressing food industry challenges and helping improve BOH operations. We were recipients of the 2019 Innovation Award at HostMilano, and a finalist for the Product Innovation Award at the RTIE Expo. EyeSucceed was also celebrated by our parent company, NSF International, and highlighted as one of the ways NSF is creating new technology to improve food safety and quality as part of its ongoing mission to protect and improve public health.

Our co-founders had a very special reason to celebrate as “inventor” was added to their credentials. Their ingenuity surrounding the use of AI and wearable technology for training and the detection and correction of human error in the food industry resulted in U.S. patent #10431108.

The team hit the road with gusto this year! We were so elated to engage with all of you at NRA, GFSI, MUFSO, CHART, and all the other industry events our group was fortunate enough to participate in.

As the year closes, we are even more excited about our plans for 2020. As the EyeSucceed solutions continue to be adopted and deployed globally, there is a roadmap set to enhance our BOH digitalization offerings, with a focus on further implementation of AI solutions imbedded in our training applications.

We will be sure to keep you informed of our progress in future updates as EyeSucceed continues to make the food industry a safer place, one augmented reality solution at a time.