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Commercial Food Safety During the Pandemic: EyeSucceed Offers a Safer, Digital Solution

As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts routine food safety systems across the supply chain, auditing around the world has come to a virtual standstill. Delaying audits poses a food safety risk and will strain auditor resources later as travel restrictions are lifted locally and regionally. So often we’re limited to desk audits or risk assessments that provide only partial visibility into whether and how fully food safety practices are being followed. Meanwhile suppliers face social distancing requirements and worker shortages that can result in less-qualified personnel being asked to perform critical food safety tasks. At the other end of the supply chain, grocery and retail operators have been forced to seek out new suppliers in the struggle to keep up with surging consumer demand. And restaurant companies are trying to sustain reduced operations while minimizing third-party access to their locations. With all of these challenges comes an urgent need to explore safer and thoughtful solutions as we navigate the “new normal”. This is a time for innovation, and we want to help.

Back in 2014, our parent organization NSF International engaged with Google to explore how smartglasses might contribute to the evolution of food safety auditing. Promising commercial use cases were identified right away, and in 2017 EyeSucceed formally partnered with Google to help optimize its Glass devices for implementation in the food industry.

In 2019 Google released the Enterprise Edition 2, its third-generation Glass device. Now, coupled with EyeSucceed software, Glass EE2 provides secure, real-time connections between corporate staff in the office (or at home) and a Glass wearer in the field. The combined solution delivers the capability to remotely guide a worker through critical food safety processes — some of which may be new in response to the pandemic — and collect verification data. That information can be gathered by the remote user in real time through photo and video capture, and the entire remote session can be recorded for later use.

Real-time remote assistance requires a stable Wi-Fi connection, so for instances when the local environment isn’t conducive to that we’ve also developed the capacity for team members in the field to work offline. With this setup the Glass wearer follows interactive instructions pre-loaded on the device to collect critical information independently. As a subsidiary of NSF, we’re up to date on the standards within each facet of the supply chain (poultry, dairy, etc.) so we can develop self-inspection checklists with appropriate verification points built in. Of course, we can also work with you to develop a custom solution. Once we pre-load the content on the devices, we sanitize and ship the smartglasses to your field locations, where your onsite team member performs the data collection. Once the process is completed, they send the Glass back to EyeSucceed so we can extract the data for analysis and compliance assessment. We see this as a tech solution that may help you bridge the verification gap in the constrained reality imposed by the novel coronavirus pandemic. In simple terms: send the smartglasses, not the auditor.

The Device

The basic Glass EE2 package includes the iconic Glass titanium frame, a rapid charger and a storage case. The device enables up to three hours of uninterrupted live-streaming remote assistance (more with an optional battery pack) and its battery can be recharged to 80% capacity within 33 minutes. The integrated camera provides a clear “see what I see” view to remote users, while the software enables audio and video interaction — all hands-free for the wearer.

The Software

Using EyeSucceed solutions, a remote user can make use of capabilities like tele-illustrating, sharing documents and images to the Glass, and text messaging — all of which appear in the wearer’s field of vision on the device’s prism. Other features include session recording, photo and video remote capture, one-to-many interactive conference calls, zoom and brightness controls, and cloud data storage. We can also work with you to quickly develop additional custom content, which can be rolled out to devices already in the field with a Wi-Fi connection.

The Total Package

You can purchase the Glass device individually or in higher-quantity orders — we’re an official Google Solution Provider and licensed Glass reseller — and subscribe to the EyeSucceed software solution. There’s also the option of subscribing to the EyeSucceed and Glass combined package just like you would pair a mobile phone and phone service — and at a comparable monthly rate. After 24 months you can select a reduced rate, or upgrade to new hardware.

We’re fully operational during the pandemic and committed to providing a product that is helpful for our clients, fulfilling the NSF International mission of protecting public health and safety. To discuss pricing and applications specific to your organization, or to see a remote assistance demo video, connect with us at or +1 734-913-5737.