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EyeSucceed Adds Two New Food Industry Innovations

We all know things move quickly in the food business, and nowhere is that truer than when it comes to technology. While you know EyeSucceed develops augmented reality solutions for smartglasses used in kitchens around the globe, you may not be aware of our latest introductions and their implications for your kitchen and operations. Here are our two newest additions.


EyeSucceed users can now conduct checklists entirely on their smartglasses. Using the heads-up display on the glasses and simple commands, the wearer documents relevant information on the spot, even capturing photos and dictating notes for reporting. The inspection workflow provides detailed policy information and visual guidance exactly when and where the user needs it. Since they’re wearing smartglasses, the employee’s hands are free to interact with equipment and surfaces during the procedure.

Clients can work with us to develop and release new checklists and task flows within a few short days. From daily safety checks to product quality inspections, this new capability enables the industry to work quicker and more efficiently.

One-to-Many Livestreaming

Now EyeSucceed customers can reduce the time and money spent on travel days. Remote assistance has never been more productive or immediate than with the new ability for team members in multiple locations to interact with the livestream from a smartglasses user at their facility. This capability allows subject matter experts and regional or global managers to see what the user sees, and collaborate on quick and informed resolutions.

Connected teams eliminate the need to physically travel for audits or troubleshooting. Whether it’s to provide urgent training updates to employees across the globe, or to help a kitchen worker solve a technical issue through instant remote support, we empower our clients to share meaningful information in real time.

Contact us to discuss how your organization could reduce costs and increase productivity by making use of these new capabilities.

Adam Miller is Captain of Product Strategy & Implementation of EyeSucceed.