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EyeSucceed Develops New Sanitation Protocol for Smartglass Delivery

At the forefront of every customer’s mind lately are valid trepidations over whether the orders they receive are free from contamination. More than ever, companies look to their vendors to safeguard deliveries, prompting proactive suppliers to review and update their packing and shipping practices.

Anticipating customer concerns about the spread of COVID-19, the EyeSucceed team has developed and implemented a sanitizing protocol for the Glass Enterprise Edition 2 order fulfillment process. Safeguards are integrated every step of the way, from pulling and provisioning through packaging and handoff to the shipping partner. This new protocol formalizes social distancing and PPE procedures, enhanced disinfecting measures and employee body-temperature checks, which are recorded on check-out tags. Also included are precautionary instructions for the customer to follow upon receipt of their shipment. All of this adds incremental layers of protection to the overall fulfillment system.

Since smartglass devices are often shared among individuals, including secondary shipments between company locations, EyeSucceed is equipping customers to replicate the sanitation protocol and minimize potential contamination during internal transfers. In addition to outlining the process for customers, EyeSucceed now packs additional sanitation supplies with each order and provides sourcing recommendations for other required materials, to support the process locally.

The new protocol was introduced last month in collaboration with a major food company. Backed by NSF International’s expertise in public health and safety, EyeSucceed was able to quickly develop and confidently propose the new sanitation protocol in conjunction with a global implementation of remote assistance as a COVID-19 response, which the client’s QA team approved as an “over the top” effort — fostering a partnership built on a foundation of trust.

EyeSucceed continues to evaluate and refine its sanitation protocols based on U.S. CDC requirements. Contact us today for more information on the services EyeSucceed provides.