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The Future of Augmented Intelligence and Remote Auditing Solutions

Our co-founder Tom Chestnut recently wrote an article looking at the current state of food safety auditing, from remote options via livestream to CPO-mandated site visits to a blended approach of remote and on-site audits. He even spilled the beans on our work to bring the future forward with real-time food safety monitoring!

You can read the full article - The Spectrum of Food Safety Audits: Remote Audits, On-Site Audits and the Future of Real-Time Monitoring – on NSF’s website. That’s because Tom is also the Chief Operating Officer of our parent organization, NSF International. In fact, a lot of our business is conducted in partnership with our NSF colleagues, like helping KFC perform audits in Barbados and facilitating VQIP audits at a seafood manufacturing facility in China.