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Hospitality Trainers “Amplified Their Performance” at CHART 98 in Nashville

Top hospitality training professionals from multi-unit restaurants and lodging companies came to Nashville at the end of July to spend three packed days learning best practices and connecting with their peers at CHART 98. This CHART (The Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers) conference was truly a powerful experience, and we were thrilled to be invited.

As a new partner of the association, EyeSucceed was afforded the opportunity to spend some time with attendees and other partners. From the moment we signed in at the registration desk for the opening function, we knew this was a group of energetic, caring, smart professionals who are passionate about training in hospitality.

We gained a lot of insight into the biggest trends and current concerns in hospitality training. Here are some takeaways:

It’s all about the customer! Keynote speaker Bruce Turkel’s session urged attendees to reacquaint themselves with today’s consumer market and use that understanding to train their teams. The customer journey in hospitality now starts digitally, with online ordering, apps and social media allowing for direct guest interaction. Guests no longer just come in; they are brought in over a variety of paths. Those paths can be treacherous for a business: One critical tweet about a negative experience can cause restaurants and hotels to lose patrons. So it’s no surprise that customer service is evolving. In order to keep public sentiment positive, hospitality companies must identify new avenues of training that focus on customer relationships both in and out of the restaurant.

There are countless moments of simple brilliance taking place across the hospitality industry. In Nashville, attendees were recognized for novel approaches to issues big and small — solutions like digitizing preparation cards that have traditionally been printed on paper and left in the kitchen. These new e-cards are video based and viewable via monitors in the prep area.

Learning management systems continue to serve the training community well, but there are clear limitations in areas such as speed to publish and ease of use. Moving forward, the industry is actively developing new schemes to use these systems in unconventional ways.

With digitalization topping any list of hospitality industry trends, training teams are looking for technological solutions that empower employees to deliver results never before imagined. Naturally, the industry is seeking to bring in third parties who can help them break traditional training barriers. Long term, the companies with the right specialized partners will be the ones positioned for sustainable growth and success.

The conference’s motto was “amplify your performance.” If that was the goal, then the CHART members, organizers and speakers we met made it abundantly clear we’d come to the right place. What an energizing, engaging and inspiring group of professionals! We’re already looking forward to future interactions with the group. In the meantime, you can learn more about CHART and read the first issue of its new magazine here.

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