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New Study: Training Foodservice Workers With Smartglasses Leads to Greater Efficiency

EyeSucceed has been touting the advantages of training food-industry workers with wearable technology, specifically smartglasses, since our 2014 pilot with Google — which we facilitated in their own Mountain View cafeteria, no less. So imagine our satisfaction when Jeffrey Clark and Philip G. Crandall, Ph.D. of the University of Arkansas published a study validating many of our assertions.

As stated by Clark and Crandall, “the purpose of the study was to explore the educational properties of wearable computers that included efficiency, hands-free access to information, and freed up spaces in the work environment.” The results were dramatic: participants needed less than 50% of the time to train on a set of food handling tasks when using Glass with the EyeSucceed training application, compared to a group employing a traditional, video-based training method. What's more, everyone in the smartglass group made a sandwich following the same recipe they'd learned in training, earning an accuracy score of 10 (on a one-to-10 scale). The strictly video-based group, however, averaged just 5.1 out of 10.

The business implications become clear when you extrapolate from these results to the number of kitchens and employees in any multi-site foodservice organization. In an industry estimated to spend as much as $3,500 per employee in training, our solution offsets labor costs by eliminating the need for peer-to-peer training away from the workstation.

In a recent implementation of the training module in 53 stores of a global quick service restaurant chain, 77% of employees said they learned better with EyeSucceed training than with other platforms. Fully 87% of the participants found smartglasses easy to use.

Of course, the use cases don't end in the restaurant kitchen. EyeSucceed solutions have clear applications throughout the supply chain – including at the farming and food processing levels – for a variety of functions like remote food safety audits, auditor calibration, seafood inspections, first production runs and remote food equipment troubleshooting.

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