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NSF International’s Retail Food Safety Team First to Use Smartglass Technology in Auditing

At the NSF International retail auditor conference in January 2020, we gave NSF’s North American food safety auditors Google smartglasses running EyeSucceed software and trained them to conduct restaurant and supermarket audits around the continent using the wearable devices. Ours is the first testing, inspection and certification (TIC) application of smartglass technology.

This collaboration with our parent organization serves everyone involved - the evolutionary use of new tech will add efficiencies to the NSF audit process, help with auditor calibration and serve as a strategic differentiator. Meanwhile the vital insights we collect from our NSF colleagues will help us build an even stronger suite of solutions for our clients across the global food sector. Ultimately, the collaboration serves our joint goal of improving public health and contributing to the success of our clients.

We worked with the retail team to help them take their auditing experience to the next level by introducing smartglass technology to the audit process. Historically the team used tablets to conduct their audits; now they’ll use smartglasses instead. The hands-free device allows the auditor to remain “present” during an inspection, rather than being distracted by documenting findings on a tablet. Using Glass Enterprise Edition 2 (EE2) with EyeSucceed software, they can quickly snap photos and record videos if requested by their customer, and they can pull up policy statements which will be readable directly in their line of sight.

Ram Motipally, Google’s Head of Business Development for Glass Enterprise told us, “NSF International just gave its retail food safety team an incredibly powerful new tool. We’re proud to have worked with EyeSucceed over the past four years to transform the way the TIC industry does business.”

“We are implementing new technology that will innovate how auditing is performed by providing remote capabilities, training, calibration and future applications of artificial intelligence,” said Jennifer Tong, EyeSucceed President and Co-Founder. In addition, Glass EE2 and EyeSucceed software will help NSF with functions like remote assistance, seafood inspections and food equipment assessments.

This project came about through the forward thinking of NSF’s retail team, combined with the commitment from NSF to be an industry leader in technological innovations in service of their clients. The team recognized EyeSucceed can empower them to provide a better, more efficient audit to their customers - so we worked with them to pilot the solution in 2019. After the success of that testing, we’re now beginning the full-scale rollout.

Ultimately, NSF will use the technology to conduct all retail audits globally, but our first step is to deploy the solution in the U.S. to around 50 auditors. We’ll rely on them to provide their feedback from the field, which will help us to shape the continuous improvement of the platform. By the end of 2020 we expect all of NSF’s US retail audits will be conducted using smartglasses, with launches in other verticals and international markets to come.

“I’m excited about this project in particular because of my passion for the retail program,” adds Tong. “For most of my tenure with NSF, I’ve worked to provide leadership and strategic differentiation in the retail program, and now I can see that vision coming to fruition. I mean, these are the first 50 professionals out of 100,000-plus in the TIC industry to use smartglasses to conduct audits! They’re real tech trailblazers. NSF customers are talking about it, and their competitors are taking notice.”

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