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Google’s Newest Glass Enterprise Edition (EE2) Makes Smartglass Mainstream in the Food Industry

EyeSucceed is the food industry’s smartglass technology expert and we are backed by the strength of our hardware partner, Google. EyeSucceed began its partnership with Google in 2014, performing its first smartglass pilot project at the Google cafeteria in Mountain View, California.

Through our partnership, we are able to sell the Glass Enterprise device directly to our clients. We are then able to share their experiences and feedback with the Glass team, making a direct impact on future product development.

“The Glass team has worked with EyeSucceed over the last four years to optimize the EyeSucceed software/Glass Enterprise Edition solution,” says Jay Kothari, Project Lead, Glass. “The new Glass Enterprise Edition 2 device incorporates changes that reflect feedback from that partnership, including enhanced camera quality and longer battery life.”

With the launch of the next-generation device, EyeSucceed can progress its software to a higher level, offering a more refined solution to meet the food industry’s needs. With advanced livestreaming capabilities for remote assistance, extended battery life and improved connectivity, the new Enterprise Glass is making smartglass technology mainstream in the food industry.

Glass Enterprise Edition (EE2)

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